JP Morgan Chase Health Savings Account

JP Morgan Chase has teamed up with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia and Aetna to provide health savings accounts for High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) members. Call a knowledgeable Metro Atlanta Financial Group associate today at 770-642-4599 today to apply for an HSA eligible health insurance plan. When applying for HSA-eligible health insurance, inquire about discounts on HSA products through JP Morgan Chase.

Advantages & Benefits
Health savings accounts offer a number of advantages for employers and employees.

Advantages to Employers

  • Contributions are tax-exempt for employers.
  • Provides a savings option for future medical coverage.
  • Puts more responsibility in the hands of employees.
  • No employer reimbursement process or accounting liability.

Advantages to Employees

  • Contributions are tax-deductible for individuals.
  • Accounts are owned and controlled by the individual.
  • Interest earned is tax-free at the federal level.
  • Account balances can roll over from year to year. No “use it or lose it” rule.
  • Accounts can grow through investment earnings, similar to an IRA.
  • Encourages savings for future medical expenses.

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